SHARP/WorkSafe Television Campaign

SHARP and WorkSafeBC Partner on Workplace Safety Awareness Campaign

November 23 2012

Awareness Campaign Underway With Strong Message

Prince George BC- The Central and Northern Forest Industry and USW Local 1-424 and 1-425 have put forward a seven week awareness campaign under the joint Safety Health Awareness Research Program (SHARP), in partnership with WorkSafeBC. The campaign will see two ads rotating on all northern TV stations covering Kamloops to the borders of BC in the north. The campaign will focus on drugs and alcohol in the work place as well their use while enjoying the holidays with friends and family. The other ad will emphasize just how important locking out equipment is before performing repairs. ‘’Safety is everyone’s business and using common sense saves lives at work or on personal time away from work, ‘’said Sharp trustee Brian O’Rourke, Health and Safety Director for USW 1-424. ‘’ This past year has seen too many deaths and disasters affecting worker’s families and communities so the message is clear: work safe, play safe and drive safe, don’t take the risk. The estimated total cost to implement this campaign from all partners is $20,000. Said WorkSafeBC communications director Scott McCloy, ‘’We believe this is a very small price to pay as we strive to get this message out and prevent a serious injury or even fatality. It’s about protecting your job, livelihood and family, that’s what’s important.’’


Based in Prince George, the USW and Forest Industry “Safety Health Awareness Research Program (SHARP) is committed to improvement of safety and health protection measures in place in the forest industry by means of research, education and training, the creation and development of a safe and healthy work environment for all those employed in various sectors in Northern BC.


Serving 2.3 million workers and about 200,000 employers, WorkSafeBC is a provincial statutory agency governed by a Board of Directors and funded by employers. WorkSafeBC was born out of compromise between workers and employers in 1917 where workers gave up the right to sue their employer or fellow workers for injuries on the job in return for no-fault insurance program fully paid by employers. WorkSafeBC is committed to a safe and healthy work place and to providing return to work rehabilitation and legislated compensation benefits to workers as a result of their employment.