IR/HR Network Meeting 2016

CONIFER IR/HR Network Meeting

October 20, 2016

Sandman Signature Hotel



Positive Discipline                                                                                        

An Alternative Approach to Traditional Progressive Discipline

Presenter: Dave Yarmish


What is new at WorkSafe BC?                                                             

Current Topics of Interest for Employers

Presenter: Ken Henry, Employers’ Advisor


Social Media and Employer Rights                                                          

Evolving Legal Landscape

Presenter: Roper Greyell


Drug & Alcohol Policy and Workplace Drug Testing                                       1

An Overview and Update

Presenter: Roper Greyell


Human Rights Law Update                                                                  

Duty to Accommodate Other Prohibited Grounds (ex. Family status).

Presenter: Roper Greyell.


IWA-Forest Industry LTD Plan – Rehabilitation                                  

Structure of Rehabilitation Counsellor Role and Process Overview

Presenter: Steve Matovic, Angeline Donald


General Discussion – Round Table